Kawana was engaged to provide a signage solution that would improve KTM’s brand perception in the marketplace.

The signage was required to provide maximum impact in minimum space. With tight guidelines from the parent company in Austria, many hours were invested to develop signage that would withstand the outdoor climate and outshine competing signage on the dealership exteriors.

Kawana was able to develop a concept that met the brief from KTM and provide new cutting edge illumination technology to provide 100% illumination of the large outdoor signage. Thanks to our business partnerships with 3M, we were also able to guarantee the signage’s longevity with a warranty of 10 years.

Subsequently, achieving a higher standard of signage as per the clients brief.

Kawana has commenced the installation of the signage at several of the sites in Australia and will continue with the rollout of the signage across all new and refurbished dealerships.